In the last decade, the digital gambling industry has greatly expanded and in an increasingly continuous way. As a result, the worldwide industry, which, in 2016, had a value of almost 42 billion dollars, in 2020 reached the grand sum of over 80 billion dollars, practically almost double.

The total digital traffic shows that 11% comes from the virtual casino sector. From this important data, it is perfectly understandable that the digital casino industry continues to improve year after year. For this, let’s see the reasons for its success, with short but interesting answers.

The basis of the popularity of the continuous improvement of online casinos

The huge growth in popularity that gets the games offered of online casinos is the real basis of the continuous improvement and the huge progress that concerns the technology in the last decade, which has created a no less fundamental combination.

The answers to the question seem almost “trivial”. However, the more technology evolves, the greater the gaming experience will be. Having said that, it is necessary to add that the more technology improves, the same time, accessibility and connectivity also optimize.

This allows the gaming used to be able to play real money remotely from anywhere, therefore from all over the world, provided that the game is regulated.

The versatility of mobile gaming

In recent years, online gambling has seen a strong migration from fixed PC to mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones, and this has made the online platforms in the industry grow rapidly. In fact, many recent industry studies have found that about 45% of the global gaming market via a cell phone or tablet at the end of 2017 stood about $48 billion.

We’re talking about a whopping 20% growth over 2016. In addition, if we consider that an average person spends about 40 hours per week on a personal device, it is very easy for designers and online gambling companies, market and appeal to the attention of new users players.

Until a few years ago, digital gambling was only available via a fixed location (desktop), while today, it is also available via a cell phone and tablet. For this reason, designers create specific applications that allow users to play via any screen size and therefore from anywhere and without time limits. All this can be done through specific and programming languages such as HTML5.

In addition, it should be noted that the designers of software for casino games, slot machines and more, are fully aware that the most widely used devices are with Android and iOS operating systems.

Therefore, they have made compatible APPs for both operating systems, which means embracing almost all users worldwide.

To consider another very important factor and that understand the reasons why the designers of online casinos and then games (slot machines, roulette, blackjack, poker and more), tend to continuous improvements and obviously the growth of users, especially women.

Female players, therefore, can comfortably do so safely via a mobile device without being intimidated by male users. In fact, the most famous online gambling brands in the world have created specific platforms more oriented towards female players, aiming to increase interest and, therefore, access to the game.

Games, graphics, captivating soundtracks and “game noises”, colors and more, purely for female users, in addition to advantageous bonus games increasingly popular on online casinos.

Mobile gaming also for young users

Even for the less adult generation (compulsorily of age), digital gambling is becoming an entertainment passion. The reason is precisely the use of cell phones and tablets, increasingly irreplaceable devices for young people and not only. The other aspects that attract players of all sexes and ages are the advantages and the possibilities of winning, especially with the progressive online slot machines (Jackpot) and the rich welcome bonuses.