Top Canadian Women’s Magazines Over the Years

Canadian women’s magazines have always been more than just pages bound together. They are a reflection of the nation’s pulse, a tapestry of its cultural nuances and changing dynamics. These publications, ranging from style magazines in Canada to broader lifestyle journals, have charted the journey of the Canadian woman, showcasing her evolving tastes, aspirations, and roles in society. Whether you’re looking for the latest in style from “In Style Magazine Canada” or diving deep into a feature article in a leading woman’s magazine, you’re tapping into a legacy.

Canadian Magazine

Top 3 Most Popular Women’s Magazines in Canada

More Magazine, Canada

More magazine, which launched in the U.S. in 1998, had catered exclusively to women over 40. Its Canadian counterpart, More Canada Magazine, soon followed, honing in on the distinctive tastes of the Canadian readership.

Content & Audience: Established as a premier magazine for women over 40, its content spanned fashion, health, beauty, and career advice, enriched with real-life tales and impactful profiles.

Unique Offerings: More Magazine contests had provided readers with captivating opportunities, while the More Magazine website had served as a comprehensive digital portal.

Engagement Platforms: Throughout its run, an active online presence was maintained, allowing fans to engage through More Magazine online content and their official More Magazine Twitter handle.

Subscriptions: Readers had the option of a More Magazine subscription, which was available for both the Canadian and the U.S. edition, known as More Magazine US.

Team & Publication: Behind the scenes, the More Magazine masthead showcased a dedicated team supported by a renowned publisher, ensuring quality content at every release.

Contributions: During its operation, writers and enthusiasts had the opportunity to explore More Magazine submissions for potential features.


Chatelaine, with its rich legacy dating back to 1928, holds the distinction of being one of Canada’s most venerable and distinguished women’s magazines. Its initial foray as a French-language publication further cements its place in the annals of the Canadian publishing landscape.

Content & Audience: With a commitment to cater to the diverse interests of Canadian women, Chatelaine boasts a multifaceted content spread. This includes everything from mouth-watering recipes and essential health advice to incisive investigative journalism and heart-touching personal essays.

Unique Attribute: Chatelaine didn’t just follow trends; it set them. In the 1960s, it boldly interspersed hard-hitting journalism amidst its traditional women-focused content, making waves in the magazine industry.

Engagement Platforms: For those eager to delve deeper into Chatelaine’s vast content repository or to engage with its latest offerings, Chatelaine’s official website serves as the primary portal.

FLARE Magazine

Launched in 1979, FLARE swiftly rose to prominence, marking its territory as one of Canada’s foremost fashion and beauty magazines.

Content & Audience: Designed primarily for the younger female demographic, FLARE had a dynamic content palette that spotlighted the latest in fashion trends, beauty hacks, and celebrity scoops. Beyond the glitz, it also addressed societal issues significant to Canadian women.

Transition: While FLARE’s final print issue graced stands in 2016, its spirit found a new home online. Now, as an online magazine, it continues to be a beacon for fashion aficionados and socially conscious readers alike.

Unique Attribute: An interesting facet of FLARE’s legacy was its dedication to homegrown talent. It was among the pioneering Canadian magazines that championed Canadian models and photographers predominantly.

Engagement Platforms: Readers and fans can still immerse themselves in FLARE’s content through its digital avatar on FLARE’s website.

The mosaic of Canadian women’s magazines, each with its distinctive voice, converges to form a rich tapestry that narrates stories of empowerment, beauty, and evolution. It’s not just about being “in vogue”. It’s about resonating with the spirit of every woman. Canadian magazines for women have long been the compass that points towards what’s current, coveted, and critical for the women of the Great White North.